Azerbaijan ranks 65th in the ranking of countries for the development of online commerce.

Azerbaijan ranked 65th among 152 countries and territories in terms of the development of Internet commerce.

Report informs that these data are given in the annual report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) published on Wednesday in Geneva.

At the same time, Azerbaijan scored 60 points against 61.8 points (in 2019, taking 63rd place). The best rating in Azerbaijan was given to the indicators of mail reliability (82 points) and the share of Internet users (81 points). Azerbaijan scored 29 points in terms of the share of residents who have accounts for mobile payments, and 49 points in terms of the security of Internet servers.

The basis for assessing the level of development of online shopping in countries was the B2C E-commerce Index developed by UNCTAD experts, which, as the report notes, “consists of four indicators that are most directly related to online shopping.” These are the proportion of residents with mobile payment accounts, the proportion of Internet users in the population structure, the reliability of mail, and the availability of secure Internet servers. Each indicator was assessed on a 100-point scale, and the arithmetic mean of the four indicators constituted the final index.

In the first place the authors of the report this year put Switzerland, which received an index of 95.9 points and pushed aside the second position of last year’s leader – the Netherlands. Denmark, Singapore, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Hong Kong are now also in the top ten. The US ranked 12th, China 55th. Turkey ranked 57th, Iran 44th.

Among the CIS countries, Belarus, which is on the 35th line, has the highest index – 78.8 points, and Russia took 41st place – 76.6 points. Georgia – 47th, Ukraine – 51st, Moldova – 53rd, Kazakhstan – 60th, Armenia – 84th, Kyrgyzstan – 97th, Uzbekistan – 107th, Tajikistan – at 121st.

Burundi (8.3 points), Chad (7.1) and Niger (5.6) round out the UNCTAD table.