Prague funicular awaits reconstruction.

The Prague Administration will announce a competition for the development of a new design for the Prague cable car to Petřín. During the renovation, which will take about eight months, the rails will also be completely renewed.

The reconstruction will be carried out in the next four to five years, the funicular will be stopped for about eight months. The cost of the renovation is estimated at 210 million kroons, said Deputy Mayor of Prague Adam Scheingerr. The new carriages will be made of lighter materials, so more passengers will be able to fit in the cabin.

Reconstruction is necessary due to the complex clayey rock of the Petrin Hill, which gradually slides towards the Uyezd.

“It’s a few millimeters a year, but it’s going down. As a result, the entire structure is destroyed, including the railroad bed. It is necessary to drain the soil to stabilize it, ”said the press secretary of the Prague Transport Company Petr Gloch.

The cable car to Petřín was launched for the first time in the summer of 1891. In 1965, extensive landslides destroyed the track, and the cable car did not start working again until 1985. Since then, the Prague funicular has carried 54.5 million passengers, up from 2.2 million last year.