The tallest building in the Czech Republic can be built in the center of Ostrava.

The building with a height of 238 meters, which will have 60 floors, plans to build an investor in the center of Ostrava. If the city authorities approve the project, the Ostrava Tower skyscraper will become the tallest building in the Czech Republic.

The construction cost is estimated at 2.5 billion kroons. The skyscraper will be located between Friedlant Bridges and New Carolina on a site called Slza. The investor is RT Torax from Ostrava. “This is a project that believes in the future of Ostrava as a new modern city that will develop dynamically,” said Jindrich Vanek, a spokesman for RT Torax.

The project is being developed by local architects. “The skyscraper will consist of two buildings, one will be residential and the other will be a combination of a hotel and an office building. The administrative part will make up about one quarter of the total area, ”said architect Ondřej Hibik. The buildings will have four floors of underground garages for 700 cars.

The investor will soon pay the cost of the land plot, and then, by the end of 2022, will submit documents for issuing a building permit. According to the agreement with the mayor’s office, the skyscraper must be built no later than May 2026.